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A while ago I was offered tickets to see Brainiac Live, however both Emmy and Harry were too young for this show, so it was an absolute pleasure to surprise my Nephews Lee (13) & Bradley (11) with these tickets instead.

They agreed to let me know what they thought and I am thrilled to say they had a blast.  The show is at the Palace Theatre in Shaftsbury Avenue and is on until the 17th August so if you are quick you can still catch the show!

Now I hand you over to my sister-in-law Anita who has just started blogging over at The Penny Watcher to tell you what they thought of the show:

What can we say but WOW, we had an amazing time, our bottoms came off our seats a good few times, we thought this show was, funny, explosive and educational, we loved the way the Brainiacs interacted we the audience to make us apart of it all aswell, Lee and Bradley have a love of science and loved the experiments that the Brainiacs demonstrated, we thought this is a very fun way to learn, we could not stop laughing.

Some of the experiments they done were:

  • Blowing up a caravan
  • turning air into liquid and back again
  • what materials you can run threw

and there was lots more.

We trained into London as we thought this would be easier, we got off at  Leicester square and the Palace Theatre was just a few minutes walk from there.

On arrival our tickets was waiting for us at the box office, we was shown to our seats for a prompt 2pm start.

Brainiac Live, Review,

We would say that this show would be suitable for ages 6+ 
 We found the programmes and souvenirs were very reasonably priced.

Lee is 13 years old and thought the show was very funny, loud and said he had learnt a lot that will help him in school.

Bradley is 11 years old and said it was very exciting, funny and he now wants to learn more about science and experiments.

We would highly recommend Brainiac live, it is definitely a must see.

5 thoughts on “Guest Post – Brainiac Live – Review

  1. Sounds brilliant, something I will look into if its still on later in the year as my 9yr old son would love by the sounds of it.
    Great review from the children who went is always a bonus to know if it would entertain or not x

  2. We won your Brainiac competition – and went yesterday!!! It was fantastic and the boys loved it!!! Thank you once again for running the competition – the prize was absolutely perfect for us!

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