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Today I’ve a wonderful guest post written by Karen who blogs over at Adventures of a Monkey Footed Mummy. I asked if she would be able to share one of her top rainy day activities with us – and we love this.  Emmy loves a box or three herself and a child’s imagination is often better than any expensive toy you can buy them.  You can also find Karen over on Facebook and on Twitter – why not go and say Hi?

Over to Karen…

I deliberated about which of our favourite rainy day activities I should write about, salt dough, play doh, paint blowing… the list is lengthy but to be honest most of you probably do all the same activities as we do and I’m not one to teach my granny egg sucking.

Then my children reminded me how simple childhood entertainment is.

We’ve recently purchased some new crockery and a kettle and the boxes were piled together waiting to go to the recycling, when my daughter spotted them she was very excited and asked if she could have them, making a quick mental calculation of how much floor space I was about to lose I will admit to some reluctance in agreeing but figuring it would only be one afternoon of clutter I said yes.

Oh my we still have the boxes in the dining room 4 weeks later, so far we have had a shop selling almost anything you could wish for, most costing hundreds of pretend pounds! (Check out how serious she is)

We’ve built towers, played garages drove a race in Lightning McQueen, flown to Crete in a jumbo jet and I’m currently watching my little performers act out a story taking part in Smurf village.

Guest Post: Box Craft, adventures of a monkey footed mummy,

This afternoon we are apparently making a robot rabbit all we need according to the craft queen that is my 4 year old is some paint some Cellotape and mummy’s scissors… I not afraid to say I fear it’s going to get messy!

I haven’t needed to offer any ideas as the kids have just come up with the ideas on their own. It’s cost us absolutely nothing and the kids are still having a whale of a time.

So now that the autumn is heading rapidly toward us my best suggestion for hours of fun is to head to your nearest shop ask for a few boxes then sit back and watch your toddlers imagination unfold. 

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