Handprint Robin Christmas Cards

Every year Emmy has made her own Christmas cards – last year she made Hand and footprint Reindeer cards and the year before handprint Christmas trees.

This year as we had already made Salt Dough Hand print Robin’s we decided to make matching cards.

What you need:
Red Paint
Brown Paint
White Paper
Card – any colour (we used Red)
Googly eyes
Yellow paper
Black pen
Paint brush

Firstly we painted Emmy’s palm with the Red paint and her fingers with the Brown paint.

We then printed her hand several times onto the white paper.  When these were dry I cut around them and stuck them onto the card.

We then glued on the eye, cut a beak from the yellow card and stuck it on and drew on two feet and our Robin Card was complete – very simple and effective.  We have made enough for the family and Emmy’s teachers.

I am entering this homemade Christmas Card into Moneysupermarket.com’s Christmas Card Craft Off competition.

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