Harry and his water adventures

Regular readers will know that both Emmy and Harry have been having Swimming lessons from a young age.  I believe it a very important life skill which all children should learn.
As much as I loved taking Harry for his lessons it was getting to that point where he didn’t want to be held and didn’t want me to help him – he was a big boy and wanted to do it alone.  Thankfully at the age of 3 they are moved up to Red hats Stage 1 and they can go in alone.
With Harry being 3 last October the week after his birthday was his first solo lesson in the pool without Mummy, he couldn’t wait although he didn’t like wearing the swimming hat, I can’t say I blame him, but it is a must for the lessons.
He has been in a class of only 3 children since October, this has meant the teacher can pay lots of attention to the children and gear the class to their abilities.
He has always been fantastic at listening to his teacher and has loved every minute of his lessons.
I have been so proud hearing how well he is doing and watching him used as an example by the teacher showing the others what she wants them to do.
A few weeks ago marked a new term and a new influx of children to his lessons, some of these children although 3 and 4 hadn’t had swimming lessons before and his class changed, he went from listening and loving swimming to jumping around, dunking himself under the water and wanting to do his own thing.  He was bored!
Used to being stretched to his ability level and beyond, he was now sitting on the steps for longer waiting for the other children to have their turn, they were doing things he could already do and he wasn’t interested.  I can’t say I blame him one bit.
His teacher noticed too and his name was being used more and more in class “Harry, stop that”, “Harry sit on the step” – he wasn’t being naughty though, just bored and she had noticed too. 
This marked a new step for Harry, too young in age for the next class but too able for his current class he has been moved up to stage 2 Orange hats.  Now while he can’t quite keep up with his peers in this group he is once again being stretched and it is thriving, less messing around and a very happy Harry and teacher.
A very proud little boy and a very proud Mummy.

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3 thoughts on “Harry and his water adventures

  1. That's wonderful, well done little man. I'm so gutted that we had to pull Monkey out of classes in stage 2, but he was getting more and more distraught. It's such an important life skill to have, and as someone who only learnt to swim a couple of years ago I know more than most how much easier it is to learn as a child. Hope he keeps up the good work x

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