Jubilee weekend fun and frolics

You must have to have been living in a cave to have missed any of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations this weekend.  It’s not every weekend that the whole world focus’ on one special lady who has worked so hard her entire life for her country.

We we were excited this weekend and joined in with as many of the special events as we could, after all Paul and I will never see this again in our lifetimes and although Emmy is too young we wanted her to enjoy the celebrations too.

On Sunday we went to Hyde Park to join the event organised by Sainsbury’s.  We received family tickets for making the final 10 in the Best Blog Award (an added bonus) and Emmy was super excited to be going on a Choo Choo.  Getting there was amazingly easy as we got on at Loughton so had seats already for the busier stations and got off at Marble Arch heading straight into the park.

Once inside the layout was confusing even with map so we did our own thing, it soon became obvious that we weren’t going to queue for any of the special events which had been advertised as the queue’s were horrendous.  I had promised Emmy she would see Angelina Ballerina and Thomas the Tank Engine and I still feel bad that she didn’t get to see them however the queue was 2 hours long and for a 2 year old just not do-able, the same for the Disney tent which actually disappointed me more than her.

However it was a brilliant day out, we saw the Essex dog show which Emmy adored – she sat on Daddy’s shoulders shouting “Look Daddy” and “More” when the dog’s jumped through a fire ring and did tricks.  She also loved the horse shows and refused to stop watching until they had all completely finished.  The dancing and singing on stage was also amazing, we would have loved to have stayed to see all of the shows however it was cold and started to rain heavily so left at around 2pm.  We got home in time to see the boats on the Thames on the TV in the warm which Emmy loved.

On Monday, Emmy and I went to a friends garden party where Emmy spent most of the afternoon on the bouncy castle with her friend and chasing around the other children, allowing me time to sit and chat with friends and enjoy the BBQ, when not being dragged by the hand by Emmy to the sweet table for yet another bag of Haribo, well it was a party after all.

We came home for a much needed rest as at 20 weeks pregnant it was a little much for me and I was sore after the past few busy days.  There was then a street party in our street which went on until rather late, however we missed most of it as after getting Emmy to bed I had to see the concert on the TV, no way was I missing Robbie Williams!!
Our long weekend of fun finished on Tuesday after popping into Waltham Abbey to see what their Bring and Share picnic had to offer.  Actually it didn’t offer very much and we were left rather disappointed if I’m honest.  For the kids there was a large inflatable slide, which Emmy was too young for, a Bull ride, which again she was too young for.  There was also an ice-cream van, cake stall, a man on stilts making balloon animals and face painting.  Nothing really at all – however Emmy found something which she enjoyed so she was happy, as was Mummy – Firemen!!

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