Little Green Pouch #Review

Have you ever bought food pouches from the supermarkets?

You know the ones I mean – they can be squeezed into a bowl and warmed or even eaten straight from the sachet by squeezing onto a spoon or as in my kids case straight from the sachet.

Recently I was asked if I would like to try out some reusable sachets.  My children were too old for them however I do still buy the smoothies and the fruit sachets as both Emmy and Harry still love these.  They are handy to add to Emmy’s lunch boxes and to add to my changing bag on days out.

Little Green Pouch sent us a pack of 4 of their reusable pouches to try out at home, these are priced at £12.99 for a pack of 4.

These are larger than the supermarket ones you can buy meaning that instead of Emmy wanting 3 of the fruit versions at a time, she is happy with 1 or 2 of these homemade ones.

How the pouches work:
You pull open the top of the pouch to fill them and one full you close this by pressing the fastener closed.  This then seals the bag and makes it air tight too.

To drink or squeeze out the mixture – be it stews, pureed food dishes for younger children or in our case smoothies – you just unscrew the top.  This cap can be replaced again if you don’t want to eat/drink it in one go.

I’ve tried this out with homemade smoothies for Emmy and Harry – not one for following a recipes I have made Banana & Strawberry smoothies, Mixed Berry smoothies & Exotic fruit smoothies.  By adding a combination or fruits and fruit juice or Greek yogurt to my liquidiser it was easy to made up.

I did find filling the pouches hard as they wouldn’t open up properly until I had some mixture in, and then I had to squeeze the sides to open them out properly which I found fiddly with mixture already inside.

Once you have filled them depending on what you have inside you can pop them in the fridge or into the freezer.  You can also pop them into the dishwasher to clean them.

I rinsed them out before putting into the dishwasher however they still came out dirty.  I ended up having to then soak them in soapy hot water and then use Harry’s bottle brush – they weren’t very easy at all to clean.

While these can save money on the supermarket versions I personally don’t find them very easy to use or to clean so wouldn’t use them very often.

I have used a few more times since originally testing them and will continue to do for picnics or long days out but not for everyday or Emmy’s lunchboxes.

2 thoughts on “Little Green Pouch #Review

  1. I like the sound of these, but it they don't clean very easily then it kind of spoils the concept. Can imagine if it worked well that we could save a fortune. We use pouches for fruit purees and yoghurts for my 6 year old still.

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