Meet Eddie our Elf #ElfEscapades

This year we are joining in with the hype, I loved seeing the excitement all over Facebook of the Christmas tradition Elf on the Shelf.
Before now I thought the children were too young however this year I could resist no longer and purchased our Elf while shopping in Sainsbury’s along with his own special book.
He isn’t the traditional Elf on the Shelf but that is the joy of this – it doesn’t have to be.  It can be any Elf you like and you can be as inventive as you like or just move him/her around the room moving things and bringing treats.
I’ve talked to Emmy about a visitor coming to stay, how she isn’t to touch him and how he is watching and reporting back to Santa – she isn’t quite sure about that last part as it may mean she needs to behave more!  Time will tell if they embrace this but we will try.
So meet Eddie
Eddie is a nice Elf, or so he has told me – whether he remains that way we will soon see.
He has a few treats planned for the children, and has been practicing his handwriting to bring them special notes too.
He will be arriving on the 1st and we are busy preparing for our fun adventures, starting with his grand entrance through his own special doorway – which will live on the kitchen side as opposed to on the ground as I already know Harry will not leave it alone.


Eddie comes with his own Magical Moments Record Book which I will be bringing out this week to read with the children – Eddie will stay hidden until December.  In our book we have pages to fill in together so as to learn more about Eddie – the children can help me to decide on things he may like such as his favourite foods.


Parts of this book can only be completed once Eddie arrives so this book will come out throughout December and be filled in as we proceed throughout the month.


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Elf Escapades

Elf Escapades

3 thoughts on “Meet Eddie our Elf #ElfEscapades

  1. Hello Eddie! What a great elf, I love the book he comes with. So nice that you can fill it in together. It looks like you are very prepared, I think I need to put my thinking cap on lol

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