My big brave girl

Last week the letter arrived telling me I needed to book Emmy in for her Pre-school boosters, now I knew this was coming up and I had been telling Emmy it was going to happen but it didn’t make it easier.

Injections with a  baby while unpleasant are over quickly.

There is no need to tell them in advance,
to prepare them for it,
to explain,
to offer bribery both before and after.

There are just tears with a baby – usually over very quickly once given a boob or bottle.

Today I have been dreading if I’m honest.

Luckily, I mentioned this on my blog facebook page yesterday and I was given a top piece of advice by Jo who blogs over at My Monkeys Don’t Sit Still which was to go to the chemist and buy some numbing cream.  Which we did, I sent Paul out to grab some in advance.

It is called EMLA cream and cost around £5.

I was rather unsure if this would work but was prepared to try as I didn’t want to see Emmy upset if I could help it, OK yes they are only 2 small injections but she is a wimp, the type of girl who searches her body for ouchies and when she finds one it will be cried over for days, even if it is an old ouchie which she has rediscovered!

The cream was to be applied at least 60 minutes before the injections onto the tops of the arms – half a tube on each arm then covered with a special dressing.

I continued to tell Emmy why she need the injections and to tell her she could have a treat to take into the room with her – she chose mini eggs, and that she could have a present after.

When it was her turn I popped her onto my lap and the first was done without her even realising!

The second she saw the needle however didn’t cry at all. 

The cream worked and she was so brave!

For a special treat she chose a La La Loopsy playset and a new playdough set. 

She is happy with her treats however does keep telling me she “didn’t want her jections”.

pre-school injections
My big brave girl

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