Dinosaurs come to Cbeebies

Yesterday we were invited to the Natural History Museum to a special screening of the latest Cbeebies show Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure.
This aired for the 1st time yesterday and we loved it.
The show is set in the museum and see’s Hattie talking to Andy about the exhibitions in the museum.  Then once Hattie heads off to open the museum Andy gets himself into bother by messing up the displays leading to him having to time travel back to see the dinosaurs and meeting the dinosaurs face to face to get the things he needs for the museum displays.
Andy's Dinosaur Adventure
Each episode is full of Dino facts and helps teach children about what they would have eaten , where they lived and lots of other facts.
Cbeebies controller Kay Benbow says “I’ve wanted to bring dinosaur’s to the channel for a very long time now and following the success of Andy’s Wild Adventures, I think this is the perfect vehicle.  Andy’s affinity with our young audience and the expertise of the Natural History Unit will bring children up close and personal with some o the greatest creatures to have ever walked the earth.” 
I took Emmy and a friends son along with me and it’s safe to say they were glued to this show and it will be watched in our household often I’m sure.
Another show we took a look at was Dinopaws – another new Dino adventure which has just launched  on Cbeebies.
This is cartoon with 3 young Dino friend’s.  This one is aimed at the younger viewers and while Emmy wasn’t very keen on this yesterday she was glued this morning when it came on – shouting “Mummy, look what it is! Can you believe it?”
We had a lovely day out and Emmy was so excited to meet with Andy and have her picture taken with him. She hasn’t stopped talking about it and was a brilliant start to our half term.
Meeting Andy, Andy's Dinosaur Adventure
After the shows we wandered the museum for a few hours and I had forgotten just how magical the museum was, especially through young eyes.

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