Organix Veg & Oat Bar review

Emmy will eat almost anything if given the chance, honestly I have caught her eating mud in the garden, food from the floor and even dog biscuits from Barney’s bowl – that’s kids for you, they will all do it at some point and I’ve been informed by my parents that I have put spiders into my mouth to eat when I was a toddler (now I’m not sure I believe them – I can’t have been that disgusting could I?)
Emmy’s Daddy will not eat most fruit’s or vegetables and drinks alot of Coke or Tea – a habit which I’m sure Emmy will pick up at some point – she already makes a beeline for his Coke when she sees it.  Now as a Mum and a Nanny I obviously try to make her eat healthily so when the people at Organix sent us some of their new Tomato & Carrot Veg & Oat Bars I wasn’t sure what Emmy would make of them.
If I’m honest I can’t say they appealed to me – they have a very strong Tomato flavour however Emmy was keen to try them and she ate it all and wanted more so I’m guessing they were a big hit!  They look and taste a little like tomato flavoured flapjacks.
What Organix say “These tasty organic veg & oat bars are a great savoury treat.  Made with organic tomatoes & carrots, they’re a great way to keep your little one going between meals.”
These bars come in a pack of 6 and have a rrp of £2.49, each bar is 25g.
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