Our Easter Fun

That’s the Easter holidays done and dusted and now both kids are at School, Harry for his first ever day at Pre-school today.
It was a busy few weeks and it was only writing Emmy’s holiday journal before she went back that I realised just how busy we’ve been, no wonder she was keen to go back…..She wanted a little rest!
We started our fun filled few weeks with heading to our local play-centre to see Mr Yipadee, Alex and Elsa in the Easter tour – the kids had a fabulous afternoon and because of the small venue they were able to get very close to the action, dancing and singing at the front and then once the show was over they were able to play in the soft play for quite a while.
Both children had their swimming lessons as usual – Emmy enjoyed this as she was able to sit at the side and watch Harry swim, although this did mean Harry was naughty and didn’t want to listen to his teacher and kept shouting for her attention.
We kicked off the Easter celebrations with an Egg hunt and a playday at Emmy’s school friends house – unfortunately it was raining so we really did trash their house with 10 children getting nearly every toy out and the noise levels immense.
We had to move the egg hunt indoors to avoid traipsing mud throughout the house, the children were sent upstairs to play while the eggs and sweets were hidden – I do wonder if they are still finding sweets and chocolate hidden throughout the house as we didn’t count the amount we hid.  Harry was very sweet and once he found his stash he went to hide it again.
We sorted the haul evenly into the kids buckets as you can imagine they just grabbed what they found before having a lovely picnic in the lounge, followed by the very cute Pablo the Pug cake supplies by Asda for the occasion.
It was rather hard to cut this cake as he was just adorable, however fill a room with children and cake never lasts very long at all.  Pablo is an adorable Pug cake make from soft sponge filled with buttercream and raspberry jam and then topped with icing.  As always both Emmy and Harry devoured the icing leaving me to finish the cake – it’s a tough job being a Mummy sometimes.


Harry caused so much trouble that I had to call Paul to take him home early – he has reached the hitting stage unfortunately and was over tired. 
On the Saturday we drove to Wembley to see the CBeebies Live Show: Mr Tumble’s Circus – the kids were mesmerised and loved it so much.   Harry especially is a huge Mr Tumble fan so sat with his mouth open in owe for the first half before dancing and singing along with the second half.
We then had a family meal out where unfortunately Harry had decided he had sat still long enough and kept trying to jump on the chairs and escape.
Another Easter Egg hunt at Nanny and Grandad’s house with the kids younger cousin was great fun, although we did need to educate Uncle Mark into the art of hiding the chocolate for the children as he hid them a little too well forgetting the kids are only 1, 2 and 5 years old.  He hid them a little too high.  We also forgot how many we hid so there may well be some left behind the plant pots or sofa’s.  Uncle Robert cooked an amazing dinner and we all had a lovely day.
We had a few more play days thrown into the mix, a couple of movie and craft days to relax and unwind.
We headed off to Butterfly World for the day taking my best friends youngest 2 kids with us – it was a wonderful day out.  We hadn’t visited before however when a Groupon deal came up it seemed a perfect time to explore – I will be writing about our day out in full soon.


Emmy and I also managed to head into London for an afternoon just the two of us and have a girlie dinner while we were there.
Our Easter holidays were rounded off by a lunch out for Paul’s birthday – a while back I won a voucher to spend at ASK from Jacintaz3, it was a fitting end to our holidays and the children were so well behaved while out and they ate most of their food too.


We are already looking forward to the May holidays when we will be heading to DiggerLand with a very excited Harry.

Disclaimer:  We were sent the Pablo Pug cake and a few party accessories

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