Our top 10 things to make from boxes

This post was originally written in 2014 – however, it is a great time to reshare in preparation for a house FULL of boxes in a few days time.
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There are piles and piles of boxes everywhere, nearly every toy came in a box so we have them of all shapes and sizes.
Of course, it’s not recycling day yet so the piles aren’t moving for a while.  Instead of them just sitting around we have been looking for ideas to make from them instead with the help of some fantastic blogs we have compiled our favourites and will be working through these this holiday.
In no particular order:
1. Make costumes
The kids love Lego so this Lego Brick Costume is a fab one to make.
Photo Credit: Pinkoddy
We have made Robot costumes before which are very simple and the kids love these.

2. Junk modelling
Another favourite as you can let your imaginations take over and the kids have free rein over the end result (well they do here as we may start with a plan but it never ends up with what we planned).
Rambling Through Parenthood has made a lovely Robot using an empty tissue box, The Parent Game has made a fabulous train from larger cardboard boxes and there is a wonderful ice cream van over on Family Day’s Tried and Tested.

3.  A car track or ramp
By opening out the boxes you can draw a road for cars and race them around – great fun for toddlers and their competitive sisters.

4. Make a rocket
My kids would love to travel on an aeroplane, which won’t be happening anytime soon – however, they could fly to the moon in a rocket instead!
Photo Credit: Mummy 2 Five
5. Dolls cot
Did anyone else get a doll for Christmas?  If like us you don’t have enough bed space for the dolls (as well as the teddies) then you could make a make-shift cot from a box.  Cover with a sheet, add a pillow and a blanket.
6. A dogs/cat kennel
Very similar to the dolls cot idea – make a kennel for the toy dogs – Emmy got a walking Fur-real dog for Christmas and she would love a home for him.

7. A Dolls house
I love this dolls house made from boxes and a kitchen roll, filled with wooden furniture this would give any child hours of fun – with the added bonus of being able to decorate in any way you like.
Photo Credit: Mum Friendly
You could, of course, make a playhouse big enough to go inside like Hodge Podge Craft or a castle complete with turrets!
8. A Boat
Harry and Emmy spent hours their box boat – we cut a hole into a large box and taped in the front and back to make a pointed shape then added seats.  They used a plate as a steering wheel and later on wooden spoons as oars.
9.  A Football Table
I love this tabletop blow football game from The Life of Spicers – a game where you can play with the children, very simple yet hours of fun and I just know that the adults would be playing when the kids are in bed!
Photo Credit: The Life of Spicers
10. A Marble Maze Game
Another game which would give hours of fun for the kids (*cough* and adults too).  A little more complicated to make but this Marble maze game looks great fun – my children are too small to make themselves however I’m sure I could get creative while they slept one evening.
Do you have any other suggestions for what to make with cardboard boxes? Share in the comments below to give us all some new ideas.

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