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Emmy absolutely loves Peppa Pig, she has Peppa T-Shirts which she has picked out in the shops, Peppa bedding, 2 large Peppa & George talking soft toys, Peppa Pig’s car and play figures, books, DVD’s and lots more.

Recently we were given the chance to visit Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park in Hampshire.  We know Emmy would love her visit ans we were not wrong.

The excitement started to build on the drive from our Hotel 5 minutes away from Paultons Park, we had stayed over the night before so we could get an early start on the day. 

Driving to Peppa Pig World we were greeted with this sight and Emmy started to get very excited shouting “Poppa, Poppa ig” and we knew we were going to have a great day – it’s funny how your idea of a great day changes so much once your a parent, before staying in bed until lunchtime and a pub lunch would have been a great way to spend a Sunday yet here we were over the moon because Emmy was.

Peppa Pig World is just a small part of a larger Children’s theme park (Paultons Park), it is aimed at younger Children which is great as there are height restrictions in the rest of the park meaning younger children often miss out on all the fun.

Walking into the park you are instantly captured by the excitement of all the children – we saw a few children dressed as Peppa Pig (outfits are sold in the gift shop). Peppa music is playing from all of the rides and the thing I was best pleased about was the lack of queues for any of the rides – this was helped by  the fact we went in November and i’m sure there would have been long queues in the summer holiday – however the rides are fairly short so the turn-around is rather quick.

We couldn’t decide what to go on first so let Emmy decide – first we visited the ducks before boarding Grandpa Pig’s boat for a little boat ride, the next stop was Grandpa’s Train – where we went for a lovely “Choo Choo” ride all singing “Grandpa’s little train goes Choo Choo Choo….” (come on I know you know the words).

I forget which order we did all the rides in, and it really doesn’t matter.  The park is very easy to natigate and you will not miss anything out.  Emmy had a few all time favourite rides – the Windy Castle ride being her all-time favourite beacuse there is a wheel in the middle which you can turn yourselves to make the cloud spin around and around the castle – which Emmy soon worked out she could do very easily herself, not letting us help and making me feel extremely dizzy indeeed, so much so that I couldn’t go on with her a second time.  (I tried taking picture of the scenery while on this ride however Emmy spun us so fast they are slightly blurred).

All around the park are models of all of Peppa Pig’s friends which Emmy had to touch, cuddle and want to bring home with us.

Other rides inside this park include: George’s Dinosaur Adventure (we couldn’t go on this as Emmy was a cm too small – she was most upset and cried for quite a while), Daddy Pig’s Car Ride, Peppa’s Balloon Ride and MissRabbit’s Helicopter Ride.  Other attractions include:  Peppa Pig’s house where you can see the family making pancakes, Grandpa Pig’s House, Grandad Dog’s Garage, the School and the Library.

When you have had enough of the rides or need a rest yourself there is a fantastic playground for the children to play in Mr Potatoes Playground.  This also depicts things from the cartoons including rabbit burrows with a slide over the top of the rabbits house.

Of course there are Muddy Puddles to jump in, however this was closed when we went – probably a very good thing too although Emmy would have loved it as it’s her favourite thing to do in the whole wide world.

There is also an indoor playground for the children to play in, we didn’t visit this as we spend 4 and a half hours enjoying all of the rides and attrations this great park had to offer.

You can have your photograph taken inside the School which we did however the pictures are very expensive compared to other theme parks – I would usually pay the maximum of £5 for such photo however here they are £8 which I feel is too expensive, but Emmy had seen it and was saying “Mine, Mine, Me Poppa ig” so we felt we had to buy it – I would avoid going into the School if you feel this is too much as it’s hard with children to just leave without a photo.  Other photo’s are available of yourselves on various rides – I guess they are the same price however we avoided those.

Emmy also got to meet Peppa and George Pig:

Food is available inside the Theme park at various different restuarants we however did find that even though they were selling the same food the prices were different from one resturant to the next.
We had an amazing day and would definately take Emmy back next year.
To find out more about Peppa Pig World please visit their website: where you can also see opening times and ticket prices – and in December you can also visit Santa!
Here are a few more pics of our great day:

 Disclosure: we recieved free tickets to attend however this did not influence this post – these are all my own unbiased opinions and thoughts.

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  1. Hello! i have always wanted to take my little girl to Peppa pig world!
    I'm glad i have seen pictures and read your blog thankyou very much for sharing!
    I am now going to look on their website for hotels to stay at as we will be coming from scotland lol 🙂

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