Planning some me time – My dream duvet day

Recently I have been feeling out of sorts, I keep getting ill – sick, dizzy, shaky and almost passing out.  This isn’t like me at all – I was always the one who passed the bugs and germs onto Paul – working with Children had built up my immunity, but not currently.  I think I maybe run down, burning the candle at both ends for too long and not paying attention to me as much as I should.

That needs to change as I can’t be poorly this often, the kids need me as does Paul and the housework suffers.

I have tried to slow down recently to help relieve some things, I have learnt the word NO and spent more family time enjoying it.  I have to admit – it’s been nice and I’ve enjoyed it.

I’m trying to make weekends family time now, leave the laptop alone and with that enjoy some me time too.

It is nice to snuggle on the sofa and to just enjoy some time once the kids are in bed – I love them to bits however when the calm and quiet falls that’s my time now.

So my current perfect me time currently consists of either pulling up a blanket on the sofa of heading into bed to pull the duvet around me and relax.

Netflix is usually playing in the background, I’m working my way through Orange is the New Black – I was late in the game finding this but am really enjoying it and with season 3 starting next week I am determined to finish season 2 first.  I’m also loving It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – the new season has just aired too, being a member of the #NetflixStreamteam is exciting as I am able to find out what is coming up soon – watch this space for the latest news on that!

I have also just rediscovered my love of colouring – I often sit with the kids and finish their colourings however it’s a little boring and far too easy.  I found an adults Zen colouring book in Tesco a while back and grabbed myself some pencils, I needed to hide these from Emmy however last weekend I took some time to myself and began…. time escaped me before I knew it but I was very relaxed and enjoyed myself.

Trashy magazines also feature highly in my me time must haves, immersing myself in gossip and the lives of others for a while, junk food and gin in a tin are also staples which see me through a quiet evening. 

These were the essentials I took away with me a while back, I had a hotel to myself and I retired early to enjoy a duvet evening to myself, while a duvet day in this house isn’t possible a duvet evening is.

There is something wonderful about spending time in a hotel – I can’t place my finger on what I like best, where it’s the distractions of housework being far away, the lure of room service if I want it or just the fact the pillows and mattress are usually newer, plumper and far more comfortable than my own, whatever it is it makes for a happy me which is always a good thing.

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