Project 365 – Photo round-up week 17

Here we are yet again, week 17 and 116 days in. 
This is our week in pictures:
Day 110:
Easter egg anyone?  I caught Emmy hiding in Nanny’s utility room scoffing her eggs before she was asked to share. 
Day 111:
We went to the Lea Valley Country show today, apart from being very over priced the kids enjoyed a few shows.  Petting the animals and watching the horse gymnastics, stunt bikes and a few other displays. 
Day 112:
We made Chocolate and Banana bread swirls which went down rather well.  You can find the recipe Here.
Day 113:
One brick cleaned with the Karcher pressure washer (Review to follow), I did do a little more however decided this was a job to do without the children around – Harry was paddling in the puddles I made.
Day 114:
Mummy and Harry day again.  Feeding the ducks is a favourite pastime of Harry’s – as well as chasing the pigeons and trying to dive into the water for a swim (roll on next week when he starts his swimming lessons).
Day 115:
Mummy makes time – Hama Beads.  Emmy started off however quickly grew bored.
Day 116:
Today is another day of pain, this time for me.  My back has been in spasm for the past 2 days and I’m in agony.  This afternoon I took to my bed for a few hours armed with this haul.



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16 thoughts on “Project 365 – Photo round-up week 17

  1. I love the shot of Emmy caught in the act with the eggs! I also like the sound of the banana and chocolate bread – it sounds delicious. Lots of outdoor activities to keep the children entertained and having fun, thanks for linking up and joining in.

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