Rainbow Fish Handprint Cards

Emmy kept pointing to the paints today, stamping her feet as she couldn’t reach (thank goodness) and as I had promised her painting today she was obviously reminding me again.

I like to keep a stock of home-made cards made by Emmy for birthdays and occassions, our stock has finally run out so was time for a new card idea.

What you need:

  • Card
  • Paints, different colours
  • Paint palette or plastic plate
  • Apron
  • Googly eyes
  • Black felt pen

I covered the floor the newspaper and Emmy with an apron, poured paint onto a plastic plate and let her get her hands as messy as she wanted, and as I knew what would happen sat back with the camera – boy can she get messy, but as long as she is having fun then I don’t mind, it all cleans up (in the end!!). The next part took a guiding hand to get a nice handprint onto the card. I then whipped the card away and let her do some free art.

 As you can see, she enjoyed herself!! Some paint was eaten but not too much. and she has painted Mummy another lovely picture to add to the scrap book.

When the handprints were dry I drew around them with a black felt pen, added a mouth and a googly eye (you can draw an eye on instead) added some air bubbles coming from the mouth and some scales.  Very simple but very effective.

 Emmy’s finished Rainbow Fish

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