Review: Casdon WoodPlay Barn Playset

One thing which both my children love is animals, ALL animals and they aren’t fussy – spiders, worms, dogs, birds and especially farm animal’s.  They love visiting the farm and have often asked if they can bring the animals home with us which of course is a big fat NO.
The next best thing for them is a toy farm. We have had a couple of plastic ones but I have always wanted a lovely wooden one for them, however, they are rather large which is what has always put me off and I know they would lose half the pieces and it wouldn’t be played with enough.
Recently they were sent a Casdon WoodPlay Barn Playset and they both love it.
This playset is a carry-along version, small scaled which you can take around with you either to friends houses, to play with in the car on a lap tray/table (if you have one) or on holidays.
It is a beautifully painted wooden barn with a carry handle, the rear of the barn is hinged at the bottom.  To play and access the pieces you need to unclasp the top and open the door downwards.  The door folds down to become a play area with a farmyard scene painted onto it.
Inside the playset are:
  • 4 wooden fences to make a pen for the animals
  • A stable
  • A farmer boy
  • A farm girl
  • Ladder
  • Trough
  • Cow
  • Chicken
  • Sheep
  • Horse
Harry has had great fun playing with this farm set, he like to make the animals walk into the stable and around the farm, he makes the animal noises and cares for them.
He of course also likes to make them pretend to climb the ladder and fall down and chase them around the farm with the other animals – well he is 3 after all!
This playset is beautifully made from thick pieces of wood  and all the animal and character pieces are painted onto each side of their respective pieces.
It is well made and a sturdy idea, even for younger children they will be able to stand up the characters and the barn is study enough to stay upright while in play.
Once you have finished playing all the pieces pack nicely away into their carrycase ready to take on the next adventure.
I think this toy would be perfect for taking to a hotel with you – as of course kids do get bored with just one room to play in and will generally wake early the following morning and want to play, and as you can’t take too many toys away with you this would be great as it is quite compact and once tidied away is neat and portable.
I have found Harry trying to sneak this out f the house a few times to take to school, he seems to think that just because he can carry it t can go anywhere and everywhere with him.
This farm set is available from Amazon and costs £25 (currently on offer for £23.33), as well as the farm there are others in this toy range including:
  • Pirate Island
  • Castle
  • Beach Villa
  • Train Track
  • Kitchen
  • Dolls House
I am looking to add the dolls house and the train track this one now as they would be perfect for weekends away – I am keeping an eye on Amazon as recently some of the sets have been just £10.
Disclaimer:  We received this item in exchange for an honest post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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