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As a child I used to love collecting flowers to press, I had a flower press which was thick card pages and you would put the flowers inbetween the pages, tie closed and leave for a few days – I would place a heavy book over it to speed things along but it was a boring process and usually once I had done it I would then forget for a month until I came across it again.
For a child waiting is the most tedious task in the world, they want instant, they want it NOW.
This is why Emmy and I really like the Instant flower Press from Interplay
This Flower Press is definitely on a smaller scale to the one I had years ago, with only one page for pressing flowers, only this is different. You place this into the microwave to dry out the flowers meaning they are ready instantly.
I comes with 2 plastic pieces – these are the front and back covers.  They have holes all over and fasten together with a hinge design on each side.  There are 2 pen type pins, 4 thick felt pads and 2 cotton sheets.
To put the press together you need to push one pin through the holes on the sides of the top and bottom sheet – you just one pin to close to start, the press will now open like a book.  Add 2 felt pads to one side of the press and 2 to the other, then ass a cotton sheet on top of these – one each side. 
Your flowers will now go into the middle of the press.  Place on top of on of the cotton sheets and close as you would a book.  Push the last pin into place to firmly close. 
If your flowers are too big you may need to remove one of the felt pads from each side.
Now you place the press into the microwave on full power for 20 seconds alongside half a cup of cold water (to stop the flowers from burning), allow to cool and then remove – the water is drawn from the flower and pulled into the cotton sheets.
This works best with dry flowers and not those straight from a vase on the windowsill as Emmy found out very quickly.
Emmy has really taken to this and I now keep the press on top of the microwave ready for when she collects flowers on the way home from school and just has to press them straight away to put into her scrapbook.

It can be a little difficult to add the pins for a child if you have a couple of flowers inside or they are on the bulkier side, you will also need to ensure an adult takes this out of the microwave or you use oven gloves as although only in for a short time for little hands it is hot.

This is very easy to use and something Emmy keeps coming back to time and time again.

Priced at just £9.99 this would make a lovely alternative birthday present for a school friend.

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