Review: Karcher Steam Stick

As you know we are a family with 2 children and a large dog (there are other pets but they are on cages or tanks)  and with these comes MESS, lots of mess.
They can’t help it mostly, it’s just par for the course. They say never work with kids and animals and there is a good reason.  I of course wouldn’t have it any other way … well a cleaner would be a nice luxury, one I definitely can’t afford though.
Maybe the next best thing is this Karcher Steam Stick.   Think Steam Cleaner only smaller and with the added bonus that it’s as versatile as the big Steam Cleaners.
Best suited to smaller jobs around the house or small homes due it’s small liquid capacity.
In the box you will find:
Hand held steam cleaner
2 extension poles
2 brush heads
Extension hose
Round Brush
Detailing nozzle
Cleaning cloths
Accessories bag
To set up:
Setting up is really simple, fill the cleaner with water and screw on the nozzle tightly.
Then of course it depends on what you are cleaning as to the accessories you will use – For cleaning the grouting between the tiles just add the detailing nozzle.
To use:
It takes around 4-5 minutes for the machine to warm up and be ready to use.
For floor cleaning you add the extension poles and the head with the cloth on.  Press the on button and steam clean the floor with ease.  No cleaning chemicals are needed and it I quick and easy to use.
Priced at £99.99.  This has been really useful for the smaller jobs around the house when I’ve not wanted to reach for the big machine. For those spills and after dinner messes or for when I plan to clean the bathroom alone.  This steam mop leaves all hard surfaces around the home such as fittings, tiles, hobs and extractor hoods sparkling clean.
Due to the size it isn’t possible to use this for large rooms or big jobs as once the tank is empty you need to leave to cool down before you are able to unscrew the cap and refill – if you have a large room/house I would suggest getting a larger steam cleaner however this is great for those quick mop up/clean up jobs.
I thought due to the small size of this that I wouldn’t end up using that much as I do have a large house, however while I know this can’t be used to clean my whole kitchen floor as it doesn’t hold enough water; it has been great to grab when Harry spills his apple juice over the floor or Paul kicks over his cup of tea.  The smaller jobs are actually getting cleaned up a lot faster and not waiting until I’ve time the next day to get out my bigger steam cleaner.
Disclaimer:  We received this item for review as part of our ambassadors role.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.
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