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Emmy has always been an over sensitive soul,  I’m not sure where she gets it from but it causes all kind of sleep issues, tears and tummy aches where she over thinks about things, over analyses them and then wakes constantly worrying about them.
Whether it’s friends at school not including her in a game, a programme she was has watched when something non scary has scared her or worrying about a spelling test at school.
Her biggest worries and fears are changes, she doesn’t like change and likes to know in advance what she is doing and where she is going. Changing classes at school are a huge problem for her, she spends weeks worrying about the change and then cries for a week every evening knowing she is changing teachers etc…..I’m dreading September as she loves her current teacher who has been amazing at dealing with her anxieties.
Since losing her Nanny her worries have gotten worse and she went through a long period of nightmares and needing lots of reassurance we weren’t going anywhere.  These nightmares have finally stopped but she still wakes constantly wanting to know where we are.
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Worry Eater Pomm
Recently we were sent a worry eater, this is a cute cuddly monster type toy with a zipped mouth.  The idea is that your child writes down or draws their worry (or tells you and you write it down) you put the paper into its mouth and zip it closed.  over night the worry eater eats your child’s worry and by morning it’s gone (obviously you remove the piece of paper) but the idea is that you and your child talk about this worry.  By telling you or writing it down you are able to see/hear what is troubling them and put measures into place to help them.  They say a problem shared is a problem halved and by sharing you can work as a team to resolve.
Of course a toy isn’t going to be a miracle cure but it can help in being a  physical presence for children and a conversation starter between parents and children which can only be a good thing.  Emmy’s worry eater lives hanging from her shelf in her bedroom, when and if she has written and added a note I have encouraged her to put it on her bed – this means I will know if there is something inside as opposed to her writing without my knowledge because if I don’t know it is there I can’t read and remove it.
worry eater, review
Of course Emmy being Emmy meant she has been frightened of the worry eater, and for a few days her worry was her new worry eater being a monster……
I think these are a cute idea for children and a great way to open the lines of communication.  There are various different worry eater available in many sizes.  To see the full range please visit the website:
Disclaimer:  We received this item in exchange for this post.

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