8 tips and tricks on becoming little black dress ready

Top Tip for getting summer ready

Party season is fast approaching, this is the one thing I miss working from home is the lack of social events such as a Christmas party to look forward to. That’s not to say that there aren’t many other events to look forward to this season. The downside to the weather turning from boiling toRead more

Planning more family holidays

This year is the first in a long time that we have actually booked up most of the School holidays already, we have discovered we really lovely our holidays and half term/school holidays are far easier with pre-booked plans. We have already been to Cornwall for the February half term, are off to the CotswoldsRead more

Holidaying with Children – Preparing for the Journey

A weekly planner on an Ipad, helping families prepare for a holiday

The thought of travelling with children can often be met with doubt, panic and worry, but, there are certain measures you can take that will make the journey much more enjoyable for the whole family! Simple tips and tricks can help to make your journey go as smoothly as possible, so here are a fewRead more

The Importance of Outdoor Activity for Kids & How You Can Encourage It

As a parent, it’s your job to introduce your children to the world and make it clear to them which things are important and worth their time. You have more impact on them than you realise, and you can influence their actions for the better if you choose to. That’s what you should be lookingRead more

3 Winter Break Ideas For You And Your Family

Family life can get pretty busy. You might have to take the kids to school, go to work, clean, cook and make time for yourself. It’s understandable if you feel like you need a break from time to time. And although summer vacations conjure images of sunshine and warm beaches, winter breaks can be justRead more

How to Plan a Holiday For 2018

If you went the entire year without a vacation or holiday, it’s time to find a way to make it happen next year. Holidays are an important aspect of mental health. They’re a way we tell ourselves that work isn’t everything, and that it’s important to take to for enjoyment. In certain parts of theRead more

A winter family getaway at The Lodges at New House Farm

Winter is that strange time of year, wrapping up in our hats and scarves while many dream of the summer and wishing they were abroad somewhere hot, sunning themselves and sipping cocktails by the pool. It’s not actually my dream though – I’ve never had that wish to be somewhere hot in the winter, especiallyRead more

My Sunday Photo: You can still hit the beach in Winter

We have spent a lovely weekend away and took the opportunity to take the children into Hastings. This is somewhere their Dad spent a lot of time as a child as they had a Caravan there. We hadn’t taken the children before, it’s changed a lot over the years and I don’t think we willRead more