What Gives You Body Confidence?

Do you sometimes look into the mirror and don’t recognise the person staring back at you? If it’s a common feeling, it’s likely that you already know a lot about body confidence, especially because you, like many others, are desperately looking for it. Body confidence is about how you feel about your body. It doesn’t mean you’re perfect, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t change it. There may be things you are not too happy with, such as the unnecessary extra bumps and the rude love handles that are starting to show through your favourite clothes. But every journey, whether it’s acceptance or even a body transformation starts with looking at your body and loving it. Without love, there is no care, no need to change. You can’t rebuild a new image on hatred only! But where do you find your body confidence back?

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Clothes that hid your secrets

Everyone has little bits and bobs they dislike about their body. Whether it’s a scar, a tummy that is larger than you’d like or anything else, more often than not clothes are the solution to your problem. Indeed, you can choose clothes that are great at hiding all these little things you don’t want anybody else to know about. If you’re struggling with incontinence as the result of a heavy pregnancy, why not have a look at the dryandcool.co.uk collection? If you’re looking for a way to tuck in that tummy, flattering tummy slimming underwear is the way to go. In short, if you know where to look, you might find a solution!

Learning to love yourself again

Don’t let fear or disgust stop you on your track. Body confidence can be gained from transforming yourself into a fitter and slimmer person. If you’re struggling with weight, you’ll soon find yourself becoming more confident once you’ve started a diet or by making sure you stop eating when full and making small changes like I did here.. Why so? Because seeing the fat melts away is a great feeling! However, here’s a little tip: Don’t look at your weight only. More often than not, changes occur in centimetres but can’t be seen on the scale, especially if you build up muscles.

The support of friends and relatives

You can’t feel confident about yourself if there’s nobody around you to let you know that you’re loved just the way you are. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t change if you want to, but it means that with your partner’s support you can continue to feel sexy and attractive throughout your life. You don’t need to be a twenty-something bimbo with a tiny waist for your husband to think you’re beautiful. So don’t be too harsh in judging yourself.

You are not alone


Learning to ignore the lies of the media

And finally, there’s an important lesson in life: a size 6 isn’t always sexy. If you’re naturally skinny, that’s great. But curvilicious ladies can be just as attractive too. The bottom line is: ditch the fashion magazines and spend more time watching real women.

Building body confidence is never easy. But a happy mixture of health-focused plans with smart clothing and a supportive family can help you to fall in love with your body again.

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