Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and restarting the Thinking Slimmer Programme

If you’ve been here for a while now you’ll remember that a few years ago I discovered a new found body confidence when I was taking part in a Thinking Slimmer journey. Thinking Slimmer using a unique nine-minute voice recording and online support alongside video coaching as a way of retaining our thoughts about food. This mixture of unconscious persuasion, neuroscience, modern psychology, behavioural science and neuro linguistic programming (NLP) gently helps to retrain the mind to change the ways we think and feel about food.

It’s an easy way of retraining ourselves to be more in touch with our bodies, minds and what we eat. It helps to encourage you to listen to your body and stop eating when you are actually full instead of eating for the sake of eating.

When I was on the programme back in 2014 I lost 2 stone and felt so much better about myself and my body. Sadly, upon hitting my target life got in the way, I lost my Mother-in-Law and then had to focus my energy on pulling my husband and my children out of a black hole. Grief is hard to deal with and my daughter especially was hit hard – not knowing how to express herself of her feelings. I stopped listening to the Slimpod and to my body and food again helped me to deal with the lack of sleep and troubled times.

Time passes fast and this year I have lost my Nan and we’ve had to say goodbye to our family dog of 14.5 years only this time I am determined not to turn to comfort eating and have turned back to Thinking Slimmer and am now trying out their Slimpod Gold Programme. This is a 12 week programme which not only has the Slimpod to listen too but introduces another audio pod to help quit/cut down on sugar, daily videos and even tips to help you along your journey and to help you set realistic goals. There is also the benefits of a chillpod and a fitpod too.

It was looking at photo’s from my cruise recently which made me want to start this journey again – I avoid photographs of myself and mirrors so hadn’t really noticed too much that all the lost weight had crept back on (OK I knew the clothes didn’t fit but was in denial a little still).

I’ve now begun heading to bed 10 minutes earlier each night so I can listen to my slimpod – I very rarely reach the end of it and am fast asleep but it doesn’t matter at all.

And already, just 2 weeks in I am already noticing changes in my behaviour towards food and drink.

I love coffee and Iced Coffees have become part of my daily routine since the weather turned nice but they do go down a little too well and while nice they do contain more calories than I realised so grabbing 2-3 a day wasn’t a great thing for my waistline.

Recently I was introduced to Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and I have to say I really do enjoy these, and even more so knowing they have a Skinny version which is fat free and less than 100 calories (99 calories per carton). This fat free latte is made with skimmed milk and is a perfect start to my day combined with my new favourite breakfast of Bran flakes topped with raisins, banana and milk.

This isn’t a breakfast I would have chosen a few weeks back – in fact I would have skipped it entirely and grabbed a bacon sandwich after the school run but now I eat in the morning with the children, can have my favourite iced coffee treat and have been known not to even feel hungry at lunch time, it seems I am no longer planning my meals so far in advance that after breakfast I know what I’m eating for lunch and craving it.

As the Skinny latte has only 99 calories in I do find I will happily grab another in the day – often as I walk out the door on the way to pick up the kids from school. They are a perfect size to slip into my bag and as they have a screw top lid I can drink just a little and go back later for some more which is really handy as I don’t always want to drink a whole drink in one go.

Having also tried the Jimmy’s original version of these iced coffee’s there isn’t a huge amount of difference – of course you can tell it’s not as creamy as the original as isn’t made with skimmed milk – the original version is made with Arabica Coffee, British Milk and Demerara sugar.

There’s also a Mocha version and a dairy free one made from oats which is vegan and veggie friendly!

About Jimmy’s Iced Coffee:

Jim fell in love with Iced Coffee when travelling around OZ, upon returning he wasn’t keen on the sickly-sweet varieties of ready made ice coffee so wanted to create his own. Going to his sister for help, she put her café up for sale and helped her brother. In just a few short months Jimmy’s Iced Coffee launched in Selfridges and 7 years later is going from strength to strength.

All the coffee used to make these iced coffees comes from one of the most sought after places in the world, Huila, Columbia. It is here the highest quality Arabica beans are sourced.

These iced coffees also have a reduced sugar content using only unrefined demerara sugar (no sweeteners). They also only use Rainforest Alliance certified farms for their coffee beans.

For further information please visit their website www.jimmysicedcoffee.com


Disclaimer: I am working alongside Thinking Slimmer in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinion and was sent some Jimmy’s Iced Coffee to try out also in exchange for my honest opinion.



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