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My journey for this pregnancy started with a positive pregnancy test on 15th February 2012 and it seems like I’ve been pregnant for ever!  I know I haven’t been but it feels like it due to my miscarriage history and the sickness which has been present the whole of this pregnancy barring about 6 weeks when it went away, only to return again and make me really poorly yet again.

I love being pregnant however I don’t enjoy it as I should – I worry the whole time, miscarriage will always plague my thoughts even when baby is wriggling about and kicking the **** out of me, I just can’t relax.  SPD kicked in, lack of iron made me really ill however I still wouldn’t change it for the world.

The end is now in sight – I know when it will end and that is………..

Tuesday 16th October 2012
I have been booked in for a C-Section for Tuesday!!
I’m so excited as well as scared, so unless baby decides he wants to come out to play any earlier he will be born at 39+1 weeks on Tuesday 16th October – a good day for a birthday I think!
Emmy will be staying at Nanny and Grandad’s house overnight on the Monday as I need to go in at 7.30pm on Monday night for my Clexane injection and to be give 2 lots of tablets – 1 lot to be taken at 11pm at home and the other at 6am, we then need to be back in hospital for 7.30am on Tuesday where we will find out where I am on the list.  There will be 3 ladies having elective sections and obviously the emergency ones with will go in ahead of us.
I’m all packed up and ready to go now – everything is done and it’s just a waiting game.
Here is a final bump picture and the next picture baby related will be of our baby boy.
Today is the 16th October 2012, the day our baby boy was supposed to be arriving by C-Section, however yesterday I received a call from the hospital to cancel it – No excuse or reason was given only that it was to now be for Friday 19th October.
I was so upset, and did cry on and off for a few hours.  An operation is not something to walk into lightly and I had myself geared up ready, had Childcare arranged and all was set.
I now had to go back to the hospital to have my cross-bloods re-done as they can only be taken a maximum of 5 days before the operation, and more upsettingly was explaining to Emmy who is only 2 after all, that her brother wouldn’t be here tomorrow after all.  That was rather hard to do.
I am ok now, very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain and desperately hoping he arrives before Friday but time will tell.
I’ve cleaned and scrubbed for 3 hours today and am now very sore and off for a nap.

3 thoughts on “Latest and Last pregnancy update

  1. Im so gutted for you and Emmy bless her 🙁 Heres hoping little man decides he doesn't want to wait until Friday.
    It must be awful to sike yourself up and then be let down at the last minute xx

  2. Good luck!!! Almost a year to the day that you found out I too will be booked in and having been there before with my previous pregnancy know what it is like. All will be fine and I look forward to meeting your new little bundle via your blog! x

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