A windy weather watching walk

We’ve escaped flooding here, it’s been raining heavily however where we are there isn’t much chance of us flooding. …well I blooming well hope not and we are located near to a Brook so never say never I guess.
We have however had it rather easy compared to many I know up and down the country.
Paul has still been able to get into London for work, with only a few train delays and I’ve made him take the car to the station instead of walking there.  I don’t drive the school run anyway…I never have (well twice since September so that’s not bad going and that was only as I was out before the school run).
I’m lucky that I picked up a fabulous double buggy on eBay. A Graco Quattro Tour Duo – I bagged myself a bargain as this was only £40, It was in immaculate condition.  This means I’ve been able to keep both kids completely dry on the 25 minute school walk even in this horrid weather.
I’ve waterproofs so I survive – with a much needed Costa Latte when I get home, I’m so glad Paul bought my Tassimo for my birthday.
For the past 2 days the wind has been amazingly strong here.
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It’s taken fences, trampolines and trees flying. Thankfully not ours (yet). My only casualty is my little plastic covered greenhouse which keeps falling over and a leak and a hole in my kitchen ceiling due to a broken roof time. It could be worse, and is for so many.
Yesterday the sun made an appearance so we took the kids and the dog for a little walk to explore the neighbourhood and survey the damage after the heavy winds of the last few days.
Many of our neighbours have lost their fences again. For some they have only just been replaced after the last storm.
Emmy found it rather worrying that a tree now blocks our route to the local shops and luckily we hadn’t taken the buggy as we had to climb over the branches.   Harry loved it while Emmy was unsure and cautious.
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It made a nice change being outside today. We’ve all been cooped up this week apart from being in the buggy and going to school it’s been boring.
And my adventures love the outdoors so much!
Have you been affected by the rain or winds?  We hope you are all safe in this horrible weather.
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8 thoughts on “A windy weather watching walk

  1. The wind hasn't been quite as destructive here but has brought down the next door's fence AGAIN. At least with a coffee machine at home you don't have to leave the house during the holidays!

    Thanks for joining in with Point & shoot xx

  2. Missing taking our bikes on the school run, but after 3 of going down with chicken pox (yes me included) doctor said no exercise for mummy until the end of the week… hate taking the car to school….

  3. I find it fascinating to see Kitty and Ozzys reactions to the storms and fallen trees. We haven't been affected by the flood either (thank gawd) – great to see that you have been outdoors enjoying the fresh air x

  4. We had a first day outside in what felt like weeks today – so I feel your relief. It's so good to get out! Still, you've got your coffee machine at home, so it can't be that bad. Jealous!

  5. It's been a case of getting out in between the showers or dressing from head to toe in waterproofs to get some much needed fresh air! As you say some of us have been more lucky than others and I'm thankful for that here on the farm. Thanks for linking up and sharing your windy adventures with Country Kids.

  6. Glad to hear you've not been affected by the floods (fingers crossed it stays that way). The wind has been awful hasn't it 🙁 again fingers crossed nothing else is damaged (for anyone). I've heard of 14ft trampolines blowing away here!

  7. The weather has just been so destructive and we've all been going stir-crazy being cooped up inside. We finally make it out today! #CountryKids

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