Project 365 – Photo round up week 8

8 weeks already and this week has been half term, so it’s been much more relaxed and fun than usual.

Here is what we have been getting up to this week:

Day 47

sea salt and caramel chocolate biscuits, chocolate biscuits,

No explanation needed here really – would wouldn’t love that saying? “A balanced diet is a chocolate biscuit in both hands”.

Day 48

Andy Day, Andy's Dinosaur Adventures, CBeebies,

Today we were invited to the Natural History Museum by CBeebies to watch the preview screenings of Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures and Dinopaws.  We left Harry at home with my best friend, his Godmother and took her 7 year old with us.  The children had a wonderful day – colouring in before the event, then watching the shows – singing and dancing along with Andy and then meeting him afterwards.  You can read all about the shows and our day out here.

Day 49

Nachos with all the trimmings, Cheesy Nachos,

We were all worn out today and decided upon a movie afternoon.  While the kids had hotdogs, this was my snack of choice.  We watched Turbo, I’ll be bringing you a review of that soon as part of our 20th Century Fox Ambassadors role.

Day 50

Eurocamp, review,

Holiday brochures arrived today.  Last week we had a very exciting email asking us as a family if we would like to review one of the 160 Eurocamp parcs for a weeks family holiday.

This is VERY exciting however we are currently undecided whether it is something we are able to do this year.  I would love to and it looks amazing but with both children needing passports it needs looking into properly and thoroughly.

Day 51

Sleeping Collie Cross, Border Collie Cross Breed, Barney,

Today was a strange one for me.  Both children went out just after lunch with their Uncle, Auntie and cousins.  They had a great day, you can read about that here and returned home at bedtime.  My day was spent with my Doggie Barney – relaxing, working and watching TV.  I think Barney enjoyed the peace and quiet as much as I did!

Day 52

Balancing on the rope bridge, fun in the park,

It was a beautifully sunny day today so after forcing Emmy to get dressed (she loves her PJ’s) we spent an afternoon blowing away the cobwebs in the park.  The kids had a wonderful time running around, climbing and just enjoying the rare sunny day.

Day 53

Sun setting over the fields, beautiful sun set,

I went back to see the family I used to work for today.  It’s been just over 3 years since I left the family I had been a Nanny for for the previous 6 years.  The children are now 8 and 9 years old.

We spent a wonderful day together while their parents went to watch the rugby – watching swimming lessons, Hama beads, sequin art, completing homework, playing pool, having a table football tournament, playing darts and then after dinner snuggling down to watch the Voice together before the headed off to bed.

This picture was taken in their garden towards the end of a lovely day.

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12 thoughts on “Project 365 – Photo round up week 8

  1. What a lovely week! My boys would have loved to meet Andy! What a great day 🙂 And of course a balanced diet is a biscuit in each hand. It a known thing 😉

  2. Eurocamps.. I looked at them before but never booked.. would love to see your review on that one..they look lovely.

    Love Nachos.. yummy warm chaeese and salsa.. got my mouth watering now.

  3. Looks like you have been having lots of nice times.
    What a great opportunity to take a holiday. We have stayed at a Eurocamp just a stones throw from Venice.
    I like the feature of your pet – it never occured to me that sometimes they need a day off too!
    love x

  4. Nachos!!! How can anyone not love 'em? I'm not a fan of the jalapenos though so you're braver than me. Look forward to reading more of your posts through Blog Club :D!

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